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PC Build 2018

The Good
For my needs (3d rendering), it performs really well. At full loads, the CPU and GPU are staying consistently below 51 °C. Nothing currently is being overclocked, but I will update the results if I choose to push things past their stock settings.

The monitor is beautiful, with tons of real estate to work with multiple windows across the screen. I prefer this over a dual screen setup. The keyboard and mouse are very ergonomic and comfortable.

The Phanteks Enthoo Primo case is aesthetically beautiful and very roomy. Everything already comes pre-wired on the backside of the case, so cable management is a breeze, and non-visible, keeping things looking tidy.

The Bad
I was a little disappointed with the quality control of the case, as it arrived with a few parts broken. The good thing was that Phantek's customer service was on top of it and sent me replacement parts the next day. It still required me to repair it myself, which wasn't very easy.

I know the cooling cable management situation isn't that beautiful, but I opted to go for a hybrid GPU route, so I didn't have to worry about a custom water-cooling setup. Maybe in the future I'll add a custom water-cooling system. I will update this review with more results as I continue to test and push the build.

Let me know on here if you have any questions. Feel reach out to me @matthewencina on Twitter or Instagram.

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